Frequently Asked Questions


Please use the tabs below to explore our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

Party Box


What is a Kids Parties Party Box?


Kids Parties creates amazing Party Box that includes all the ingredients to throw an amazing party. Our Party Box can include games, tableware, decorations, music, certificates and more. We don’t just supply you with the basic equipment but rather provide an experience that’s carefully thought out for maximum enjoyment. Each Party Box has clear instructions on how to setup, run and pack away your party. Kids Parties also provides flexibility, your party is delivered prior your special day so you can start and end the party when it suits you and your guests.


How soon can I receive my Party Box?


Our Party Boxes are delivered on a Thursday and collected on the following Monday.


Must my Party Box be delivered and collected on these set days?


We have found that these days work best to ensure that your Party Box is delivered in plenty of time for your weekend party. If you have any special delivery requests, then please don’t hesitate to email us at info@kidsparties.co.uk


What time will my Party Box be delivered and collected?


We work closely with DPD to provide a premium service for both delivery and collection. Your Party Box will be delivered before 12pm on your chosen Thursday (delivery before 5pm for some parts of Scotland), with a one-hour delivery time slot provided on the morning. Your Party Box will be collected between 9am-5pm on the following Monday. If DPD have not provided a collection time slot by 10am then please contact us on 01344 926200.


Can I change my Party Box delivery date or return collection date with DPD?


We provide DPD your contact details so they can provide you with a delivery time slot. They may send you communications regarding the option to change your delivery or return collection date. It is important that these dates are not changed without first consulting our team.


How often are your party packages cleaned?


Upon return all Party Experiences are hand sorted, safety checked and washed and/or sanitised.

Visit our How We Clean Equipment page to find out more. 


What if we lose a piece?


We appreciate that an odd piece can go astray. We do not charge for a few missing LEGO® pieces; however, a charge may apply if a more expensive piece goes missing such as Nerf Guns or the PlayStation console from the Retro Games Arcade Party.


What if we find a piece after our party package has been returned?


If you do find any pieces after your party then please email us at info@kidsparties.co.uk to arrange a return.


Do I require an entertainer for a Kids Parties Party Box?


Kids Parties Party Boxes have been created by experienced entertainers. Our Party Boxes have been created so they’re easy to setup and host. If your party package includes games, then you’ll receive instructions on how to play these. 


What is the complimentary Kids Parties music streaming service?


We pay for a special license which allows our customers to stream music directly from our website. We'll send you access details via email once your party has been shipped which will permit streaming for 7 days. We've included the best of children's Party albums, movie soundtracks and compiled our own playlists so there's plenty of choice. Internet access is required. Please remember that your mobile phone network may charge for data roaming. Our streaming player works on smartphone, tablet and PC.


We have more children attending than what your Party Boxes cater for. Can you provide a discount for multiple Party Boxes?


We're happy to tailor a package for parties. Please call us on 01344 926200 or email us at info@kidsparties.co.uk with your requirements.


How can I secure a Party Box?


All bookings can be secured on our website and must be paid in full at time of booking. We recommend you book your party as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Can I pay a deposit?


You can pay a 50% deposit or the full amount when booking a Kids Parties Party Box that's over £60. Your delivery date must not be within 6 weeks from the date of booking to qualify for a deposit payment. If you opt to pay 50% then the remaining balance must be paid 6 weeks prior your delivery date.


I have paid a deposit; how do I pay my remaining balance?


Please follow the link on your original booking confirmation email to pay your final balance. If you require any assistance, then please contact our team on 01344 926200 or email us at info@kidsparties.co.uk


Do you supply nurseries, schools, and clubs?


We can supply to nurseries, schools, and clubs at a discount. We're fully insured for public and product liability.

Please contact us at info@kidsparties.co.uk with your specific requirements.